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No, it's not fake.

Manchester United is back at the top level. Last season, the team took sixth place in the championship (and, at the same time, lagged behind fifth by 11 points). Manchester United is now just one point away from second place, although a 2-1 derby victory over City was made possible by Bruno Fernandes' highly controversial goal.

Manchester United's success is associated primarily with the arrival of a new coach, Eric ten Hag, in the summer. According to the same Fernandes, the team got better with discipline in six months. The club left Cristiano Ronaldo, who was dissatisfied with the playing time on the field and left matches without permission. In addition, a rather beautiful story with Marcus Rashford has recently turned out.

A key Manchester United player was late for a team meeting, for which he was deprived of a place in the starting lineup. However, he entered the field after the break and scored the winning goal against Wolverhampton. After that game, Rashford said he understood the coach's decision very well. As a result, the team has both an effect and an understanding that the requirements are the same for everyone.

The fact that the coach should confront his players, ten Hag argued at the age of 13. And he discussed this topic with Johan Cruyff, the most legendary person in the history of Dutch football. Here is a recording of the TV show Cruyff & co from 1984. On it, Cruyff communicates with young men, among whom is the current Manchester United coach.

- It also happens that the coach screams. Or has this not happened to you? Cruyff asked.

- You need to ensure that the youth is not shouted too much, which can break the players. But at a higher level, like Ajax's first team, you have to be able to say something. These guys train almost every day. If they keep making the same mistakes, you should be able to counter them.

- So, in this, you see the difference between youth and paid football?

“Yes,” replied 13-year-old Eric.

After moving to Manchester United, ten Hag called Cruyff one of his idols among coaches. Here is a quote from an interview with the Premier League channel: “I was lucky with Twente coach Kes Reivers, with whom I spent two years. I learned a lot about the organization of football, its philosophy, playing from the back, the attacking phase, and team spirit. But I've also been inspired by other managers: Louis van Gaal, Rinus Michels, and Johan Cruyff are great inspirations."