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Ajax vs Barcelona
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Top Comments
rayrex7 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Croatia 26 797
Messi has equalized rauls record with almost 50 games less, #legend You have my utmost respect sir LEO!
Dynastian98 7 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7139
The Messi vs. Ronaldo rivalry in the Champions League is possibly the most exciting scoring rivalry in the HISTORY of football. The two all-time greats going up against each other, neck to neck, almost at the verge of breaking Raul's record, playing for Barca and Madrid..... there is nothing better. The stage is set: Messi will most likely break the record first because he plays before Ronaldo in the next match week, but we will have to wait and see if they keep on breaking each other's record in the Champions League. Honored to live to see these two legends fight it out. HALA MADRID!
tuan_jinn 7 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6896
Uhmn, Ajax was actually very decent today, it wasn't the best Barca but they were solid and get their important 3 points. Messi was the different... Suarez still has to find his form and how did he miss that 1 on 1 after such an assist??? He needs a goal to gain back his confident
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romela faryal 7 years ago
mess you are the best layer in the world udoubtedlyyy......
embossboy 7 years ago
weird first goal, that is the advantage of the barcelian thrunks team, must be offside, but the referee weight for barci
Ender10 7 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 450
You know nothing about football dude.
Adamz 7 years ago
if you prefer messi that's no reason to be dissin cr7 they are two great players who work hard for club and country and both deserve respect
mibielmaster 7 years ago
Ajax, Netherlands 0 16
Ajax should have gotten a penalty. It was clearly hands from Alba in the penalty area. That was an important moment in the match, because it was still 0-0 at that time. That Alba guy was a dick anyway, purposely kicking our right winger on the head.I was dissapointed in Barcelona. They are a huge club, but they lack sportsmanship. Maybe they learned that from all those el clasico's.
Iraqi_Madridista 7 years ago
Real Madrid 33 1388
Niet zo zitte janken jonge. jullie joden hebben verloren, einde verhaal ;)
Alberto 7 years ago
Look, in every game you'll have certain calls made for or against your team. The better team can and should overcome one or two bad calls in my opinion. Honestly, Ajax didn't have many chances, even if they got the penalty.Having said that, Barca is not the same as before.. Suarez proved to be useless... Iniesta is being missed.
Marko_baymun 7 years ago
Bayern Munich, Serbia 0 469
Messi KINGGGGG!!!!
cus 7 years ago
literally every time messi gets the ball he creates a chance
moxinjc 7 years ago Edited
Arsenal, Pakistan 0 640
Messi is loved by footballing world, he is such a great legend. Well done sir LEO!
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Messi is loved by football world, he is such a great legend. Well done sir LEO!
CroatiaFan123 7 years ago
Arsenal, Croatia 66 2775
Messi is already Legend! Congratulations to him! Equalizer with Raul's record!
Toni_Albania 7 years ago
Juventus, Albania 0 143
Messi you are obligated to come in top form ........Football needs you......You makes football desirable for every one........
PiersMorgan 7 years ago
Lol pique no longer starting for barca
pawangurung2014 7 years ago Edited
Bayern Munich, Hong Kong 0 517
Messi is the best in the world not CR7.
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Messi is the best in the world nopt CR7.
smbisike 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Portugal 0 27
Wrong the whole world knows Ronaldo is.
NickOcean 7 years ago
Southampton, Armenia 0 170
Props to some of the Madrid fans commenting here, really respective of the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo. Everyone should be like that. Remember the sign you see every UCL match - "RESPECT".
Alverio 7 years ago
Except Mrs. Footy :)
Kal 7 years ago
Messi is getting closer and closer to his 2010-2011 form!!! not only that he scored the 2 goals, but his spirit seems back after last season's declining. Really hope he will only get better and better to lead us to win UCL and La Liga!
Bong 7 years ago
where was suarez
Habib 7 years ago
Messiiiii messi you absolute beast arghh
ArsenalClub 7 years ago
Arsenal, Chile 0 2391
Is Suarez good playing on the right wing? I always thought that he would be more central like a striker or even a centre attacking midfielder.
hugho 7 years ago
Actually I have start hating barcelona because of their fans, they are trying to create rivary between messi and neymar. We all know that messi is >>>>>neymar, but why do they put too much hate on neymar? When the team looses they blame on neymar, when he dribbles they critisise him.When they team fail to win a trophy they say neymar is the curse. This is really stupid cause the only trophy barsa won last season was due to neymar. If you all think that messi and suarez can help barsa succeed for years then you should be sad cause they are both 27. The future of barcelona is relying on youngsters particulary neymar. I wish neymar could find his own club and prove to these plastic fans his importance as individual player.
Sad 7 years ago
Tbh Nani on form would suit barcelonas style on the right wing, I've seen him a number of times playing this pass pass back style on the attack
Steve-0 7 years ago
He will stay in Portugal, thanks. SCP 4 LIFE!
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Mihozil 7 years ago
i used to be a messi fan but he now is too weak barce will certainly gain nothing this season if they don't put him on bench
MrFooty 7 years ago
Congrats Messi on breaking...oh
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