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Sunderland vs Manchester United
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BigBird 8 years ago
Manchester United, England U17 0 124
At this rate, I think we are getting closer and closer to the Champion...................................ship next season
Gennady 8 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 281 3910
Another piss poor performance from United, not a single player wanted to perform.... get rid of that diving scum Young already and that useless dumb Cleverley as well, noone is even sprinting anymore ffs they're just all walking around, disgusting performance, i wanna throw up....
quikzyyy 8 years ago Edited
Arsenal 428 8862
Moyes in!
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Moyes in!
Moyes in!
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culest 8 years ago
united should stop buying player,s they need lots of gas to start that guzzler chevy engine running, :D
Saya Caleb 8 years ago
hahaha ... You guys talking about Man U? Van Gaal need to understand the Premier Lg Standard .. His Player are good and talent but the defense are not good at all. the format 3-4-1-2 is too easy for the other teams. You were going down if you keep this formation.
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 8 years ago
van Gaal doesn't deserve to be in that shitty ugly place either!
Robbery 8 years ago
van Gaal deserves better than these weak players
leo 8 years ago
united fans are so loud at pre-season. Im inter fan and i remember how your big mouth insult my team at guiness championship cup. you can mocking the other team, scream so loud for your team but make sure it is in the REAL TOURNAMENT/LEAGUE not pre-season. LOL
Ali 8 years ago
LVG needs to change it up his formation because you never know if 3-5-2 will suit Man U's style of play. I really like Man U cuz whenever we came up against them, their fans and even players respect us and welcome us with decency that is what i really like about their culture. To see them struggle early in the season is not alarming but im afraid it may send bad message to other small teams that they're gonna play until November to put in great fight like Swans and S'land did. So better began destroying little teams if not it will hunt you down in May,2015.
liver chain 8 years ago
Van Persie - " The little boy inside me was screaming 7th place "
Delicious 8 years ago
maybe sunderland is too strong for man u
bale-less 8 years ago
Shiit team. We Spurs are top of EPL.
GunnersAFC 8 years ago
Arsenal, England 0 2333
Has Spurs ever been top of the EPL
jade 8 years ago
It's the players not the manager
Pinky and The Brain 8 years ago
Pity LVG have to face the injury problem, hope thing gets better after everyone is fit. Btw Cleverlys is a CRAB! only know side pass!
NeoBerlin 8 years ago
Another bad performance shown by (was) a great team.pretty lazy midfielder and poor performance from the defender
JJ 8 years ago
Rooney is jink! The last few years whenever he is Man U top soccer, Man U lost the title.Hopefully, he get rid of the jinks. If not Man U keep losing with him as Captain. :(
Lambo91 8 years ago
Juventus, Italy 0 5196
Di Maria will rescue Man United.
cream 8 years ago
yep di maria will help united's atrocious defence with amateurs such as smalling, Blackett, Keane and their crap midfield with carrick, fletcher and cleverley isnt it?
The Ice Man 8 years ago
Man U should have gone for Harry Redknapp as their manager, he's waisting his manager talent at QPR. He took Spurs from the relegation zone all the way to the Champions League quarter final a few years ago. Van Gaal can't even speak English properly, he's had it already.
Zhenya 8 years ago
Liverpool FC, Russia 0 124
I would be just thrilled if Man Utd aren't able to sign anymore players this window and are forced to settle for the ones they have... Bonus points if they also get rid of someone and lose depth. More seriously though, holy crap Man Utd has a shortage of midfielders who are suitable for a big team, I mean up front you've got two proven world class strikers, even if they are having difficulties... goalkeeper is fine... but in midfield all you have is Mata, Januzaj who is still very young and learning and can't have that big an influence, and Kagawa who never plays. Fellaini hasn't done shit, I don't know anything about Herrera so I wont comment on him... and that's it. All the other midfielders really aren't that good, or theyre getting old like Fletcher. And then theres the defense...
Batigol 8 years ago
0 11
Kagawa in the bench? what a waste of talent..
Vicky 8 years ago
OMG we're rubbish!!
EDDIE30 8 years ago
well done.....sunderland
McKay 8 years ago
old fergie will come out of retirement and save man utd - i can see it happening!
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