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Le Mix
The Most Dominant Club In World Football
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Dimitri7 10 months ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 1042
At least 1/3 of those 35 (if not the HALF), 100% STOLEN from the ther Serie A teams! let's just look at this last (shameful) string of seven, in which (AT LEAST) three were stolen (possibly four): 2011/12 from Milan, 2014/15 from Roma, 2017/18 from Napoli! ALL THREE WELL DOCUMENTED with videos of all 38 rounds in Serie A, how and when he Filths called Rubentus have robbed their opponents and stole the title!
Therefore, the only thing in which they are dominant is STEALING SCUDETTOS! Which makes them A SHAME & CANCER of Italian football, not it's pride!
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