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Jose Mourinho’s Worst Transfers Ever XI!
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Dimitri7 1 day ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 1072
YOu can hope that Mkhitarian will stay in Roma for good, but if there's one thing 110% sure, is that Roma simply can't wait to give him back to M-Utd! UNlike him, they could very well keep Smalling, given that there was a period of some 2 or maybe even 3 months, when he played in Roma as if he just had a footballing rebirth. However, in the last few rounds, his "classic" Man-Utd "things" started to come back on the surface. But... I believe that the Italian coaches will find a way to take care of those issues & bring him back on the path they put him to, in those 3 months! So, he's (way) more likely to stay in Roma, unlike Micky, whom you'll be seeing FOR SURE next year in Manchester, AGAIN!
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