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Trying to find the best football streaming website
Alarev 2 months ago
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Hello everyone,
I wrote a guide to help french people find the best football streaming website and I wanted to translate this guide in english but I'm not a native speaker so I used a program to translate it. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me correct grammar issues or even recommend better streaming websites.
Thanks in advance :)

expertfootball11 2 months ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2822 is the best one I'm using it for a long time already... never had any major issues

Alarev 1 month ago
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Thanks for the input, I will be sure to take that into consideration !
Would anyone that's knowledgeable about the subject and is fluent in english be willing to help with some parts of the translation or add some tips to choose a good streaming website ?
I can provide the link to my guide if needed :)

Yusuf_10 1 month ago
Manchester City, England 15 65