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Online shopping with a VPN
noisygirlkk 3 months ago
NY Cosmos, Germany 1 4

I Hopped onto Amazon with a UK ip address and wound up on the UK Amazon site. Wasn't sure how or if I should take advantage of this so I thought I'd ask here.

In fact, any shopping advice would be appreciated.


jessicarobert 3 months ago
Bourges 18, France U18 2 8

Why do you use vpn to change your real ip with UK ip.

jakecrew 3 months ago
Nancy, France 3 20

You can get great deals and discount by changing IP addresses. Try out!!!!

tuan_jinn 3 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6626

VPN shopping will come in handy especially when you need to buy a plane ticket. Of course in combination with incognito.

Everytime you search, or wait soon enough, most agencies will increase the prices.

I dont have to use VPN cuz when I need a final purchase I will use my phone with 4G or from different place (network), but VPN might help.

denisallard 3 months ago
0 2

I once bought ferry tickets cheaper just by changing a language, lol))